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Looking at new properties to invest in? Get first access to new property developments and launches in Singapore right here. Committed to bringing you quality, unbiased and latest reviews on new property launches, we are your trusted provider in the market. Whether you are looking for new condo launches or cluster housing developments, we have scoured the property market to bring you all there is to keep an eye on!

New Property Developments and Condos for Sale in Singapore

With a growing number of new property developments in Singapore, the market has become competitive and saturated with information regarding new launches and properties on sale. Whether you are a home buyer or investor, our review of new and existing property launches in Singapore are reliably communicated to you. From the latest condo complexes for sale to the most in-demand regions to pay attention to next, we can provide the information you need to make an informed buyer or investment decision.

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With a large bump of new condo launches set to unveil in 2022, get a comprehensive overview of the amenities located close to the new condo development you have your eye on. Our friendly, well-informed real estate agents will carefully select a list of new condos for sale in Singapore based on your location preferences, needs and lifestyle. We also provide you with a list of perks of living in a certain neighbourhood, assess its accessibility for you and highlight its unique characteristics. Apart from new property and condo developments, we also feature a new condo that goes on sale every now and then!

Questions? Fill in your details in our contact form here so that we can get to your queries! For the latest in property news, explore our guides and blogs available here. View New Launches Review’s full condo listings.

About Singapore Property

The real estate market in Singapore has always been highly sought after by local and international investors. Those foreign investors of Singapore property are traditionally from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA and also Europe. A number of them are also from the neighbouring countries from South East Asia such as Vietnam and Thailand. Keep updated with the latest property development news.

Most of these wealthy investors prefer to acquire resale or new properties in Singapore’s Orchard enclave mainly because of the prime locality as well as some other appealing reasons. There are also some that seek out new property developments in different areas such as Sentosa, the Central Business District and also in city fringe districts such as Queenstown, Farrer Park, Toa Payoh and others.

So why are new properties and condo complexes in Singapore so appealing to real estate investors not just to foreigners but as well as locals?

Investing in Singapore Property

Singapore is a developed and first world nation. It is South East Asia’s only first world nation and also one of the few in Asia alongside with alongside with Japan and South Korea. Its economy is also one of the finest in the world.

According to numerous reports and studies, Singapore is ranked together with Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and London as one of the top financial hubs globally. Its income per capita, a good indication on a country’s wealth, is also ranked in top 10 globally. The country also is also ranked top 10 in cities all around the world in terms of millionaire density.

With all these factors it has shown that Singapore is a thriving nation when it comes to growth in the economy and also its citizens’ wealth. Keeping track of the property development and launch market in Singapore ensures investors and buyers are tuned in to some of the most lucrative investment opportunities available.

Economy and Political Stability in Singapore’s New Property Market

With its open economy market as well as being one of the lowest taxations in the world in terms of individual and corporate taxes, Singapore is extremely appealing and attractive for many multinational corporations (MNCs) to setup their businesses here. It is also appealing for many wealthy foreign individuals to move to there to live and work.

As more high net worth and high income foreigners shifted to here to live and work, the demand Singapore properties is increasing continually which results in the capital appreciation for Singapore property market as well as high rental demand.

The country is also known for its safe environment and also its political stabilities especially when compared to its South East Asia’s neighbours. These factors are vital to those foreign investors whom do not wish to expose to unnecessary risks with the possibilities of a drop in the value of their properties owing to unrest and a change in the governance.

This is also the reason why a lot of wealthy Indonesians prefer to invest and diverse their investment portfolio here in Singapore with the assurance that their investment assets will be kept safe here. By getting an investment in new and upcoming Singapore property, it gives peace of mind as well as a good way for wealth diversion and also protection of their assets.

The Singapore currency is one of the strongest in the region. Over the years, it has grown constantly in its strength especially against its neighbouring countries’ currencies. This is another compelling and strong reason why the high net worth individuals from neighbouring countries like to buy new Singapore properties. They will enjoy the double font appreciation i.e. from the appreciation of the Singapore Dollar and also the appreciation of the property. This principle applies the same to rest of the world too. With the strong foundation and fundamental of the economy of Singapore, investing in new property and condo developments will help investors safeguard their Singapore Dollar to allow it to appreciate and stay strong constantly throughout the years.

Singapore, as a first world nation, provides world class infrastructures as well as top notch educational and medical facilities. Its workforce is also made up of a huge pool of highly educated population. These factors are critical when companies plan to set up their offices and HQs here. It will help these companies to attract talents globally to shift over to work and live in Singapore.

The infrastructures, educational and medical facilities of world class and also the highly livable and modern metropolis will offer a high quality lifestyle which will be a compelling reason for attracting the MNCs and the high net worth foreigners make this country their homes as well as luring more foreign direct investment. This will benefit directly the Singapore property market by encouraging new diverse property launches and upscale condo complexes for sale.

Some of the famous ultra-high net worth individuals who have made Singapore their home include Eduardo Saverin, Facebook’s Co-founder, and famous Martial Arts star, Jet Li.

Singapore’s New Property Market: Limited Supply of Land

Land is scarce in small countries like Singapore. In fact Singapore is one of the smallest countries by land size in Asia. Its population which is 5.8 million in 2018 is expected to rise to 6.9 million in 2030. Although there are a lot of efforts by the government in turns of more land reclamations, the land supply is still quite limited. The increase in population means that there will be more demand for in the Singapore property market. The limited supply of land and the raising in demand relationship will allow the value in new Singapore properties to be always appreciating and remaining protected.

Unlike the neighbouring South East Asia countries who have vast land sizes, the “oversupply” issue of new property launches will never be experienced in Singapore. This issue often happens in some other countries where more and more developments are built by the developers until the demand is eventually surpassed by the supply. When it occurs, it will affect the properties’ value and with a dip in the prices. The oversupplying of new properties will also affect negatively in the rental market.

The Singapore property market, with it limitation in land supply and increasingly population, is unlikely to face the issue of oversupply which will offer investors a peace of mind as well as confidence in terms of their investments here.

Being a first world nation and having its world class metropolis’ reputation, new property developments in Singapore are prestigious and highly coveted, especially in the luxurious condominium segment in prime locations such as Orchard Road.

To many investors and homeowners alike, it is a valued asset and trophy abode that is a representation of prestige and status alike owning a piece of luxurious property in upscale locations of London and Manhattan. An owner of a high end condominium in an upscale location of Singapore represents both their status and the owner themself. Therefore many of those ultra-luxurious condominiums in Orchard Road and other locations in the city command high premiums.

Other than having financial sense when comes to getting a Singapore property, the emotional needs are also fulfilled for a prestigious ownership of luxurious properties in Singapore .

Other Factors to Consider When Buying New Condo and Property Developments in Singapore

For those who considering to invest in a property to generate income from renting, it is noteworthy that Singapore properties that are situated in the vibrant districts that are near to or in the city core, will be able to generate better and attractive rental yield which provide a passive stream of income on top of their salary.

According to a report by The Business Times, potential real estate investors should be concerned about the rent levels and rentability rather than placing the hopes on capital gains that are more uncertain. One prolific tactic is considering acquiring residential properties that are of an transit-linked integrated developments which are those developments which have direct accessibilities and commercial components.

The popularity of these mix-use developments in which residential and commercial components are integrated into the same development is increasing. These developments also transform the way people work, play and live particularly in the Central Business District of Singapore. Some these mix-use developments include Marina One Residences, Midtown Bay as well as South Beach Residences.

These mix-use developments provides their residents with convenient and easy accessibility to the offices, gyms, restaurants and shops all within the same development as their residences without the need to have long commuting time to the commercial areas.

Having a property in a mix-use development or upscale luxury condominium might be able to yield better return in rental as compared to those developments that are only purely residential as these mix-use development offer a vibrant and dynamic environment for those living in them.

Other the staying close proximity to the financial districts, many of these mix-use developments also has green spaces that are bicycle and pedestrian friendly environments, which allow hosting of activities that will strengthen the character of the neighbourhood as well as the community’s social interaction.

When investing in new Singapore property, the location of the property can be a make or break factor. A property in those prime locations can mean more potential tenants, better rental income as well as better yields. Those properties that are situated within or close to the centre of the city will appeal to both working in the city and also many foreigners who like to rent a private property if they stay here for long term. Some of these prime location developments can be found here.

Those mix-use developments are developing in the prime areas of Singapore which there are more commercial and residential spaces in areas where rising towers were formerly dedicated only to office spaces. These new mix-use developments will offer investors advantages when determining the rental fees.

Contrasting with other investment assets, real estate investments usually will have their appreciations over time. The capital appreciations tend to be higher in those properties that are closer to the city core.

With the growth of the economies and cities, the commercial and residential spaces’ demand will increase and thus result in the rising prices in the Singapore property market over time. Even though there was a dip recently in the prices of Singapore properties, Morgan Stanley, a global bank, predicts that the prices in Singapore properties will double by year 2030.

This will translate to prime new condo developments and properties that are bought today can sell for higher prices by 2030 given the country’s rapid growth in the economy that will continue to beat the forecast of the economy.

property investment can be time-consuming and expensive but by having the correct strategy and mindset, it will be able to reap good returns. So when having the thought of acquiring a real estate investment, it is important to give some deeper thought before taking your a shot in investing in properties in Singapore. By equipping with the correct knowledge, it will simplified the process. One of the ways to acquired the knowledge will be constantly keeping up with the latest property news.

There are a lot of options for people to select from when it comes to investment but many of those living in Singapore will think that real estate investment will be the holy grail of them all. And for sure this will greatly dependent on each individual’s tolerance level and the time taken to study and research on the investments before starting as well as how much each individual is willing to part for the investment.

Real estate investment is an asset which is generating income and this is the reason why it is so eye catching for those who have thoughts of investing in it. This is especially true for the wealthy elites of Singapore whose empire is built on real estate. They are not just reaping their returns from the capital gains and also receiving their yields from their rental income.

While this has been on the mindset of many of those whose aim is to invest in properties (both new and resale), it is also important to know the landscape of Singapore which will allow one to assess if real estate investment in Singapore is the correct one for them.

Thinking to invest in the real estate market in Singapore? Looking out for the newest property developments and condo launches for sale? We will be here to help. We have helped numerous home buyers and property investors to achieve their goals and acquiring their dream homes. Contact us now.

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