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One of the key sectors for the economy of Singapore is the real estate market.  The real estate market represents an eco-system that in well diverse in Singapore’s built environment. About quarter of Singapore’s listed top 20 companies are real estate companies which are involved in residential, industrial, retail, commercial, serviced apartments, hospitality and real estate related financial services.

Singapore has the ranking among the top cities in the world with a reputation for being a vibrant metropolis that is being an attractive destination of investments. The city state has top notch real estate as well as quality living environment. The homes constructed here are with family living in mind, completing with public housings policy that is globally acclaimed with innovative and varied forms of housing.

With its reputation for its first class healthcare, conducive environment for businesses, world-class education system, job stability as well as strong growth for economy, many has considered Singapore as one of the top destinations to invest in. The positive reputation of the city state has attracted an influx of foreign investors and immigrants. Over the years, the real estate sector in Singapore has grown substantially.

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