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Your Online Portal to Singapore’s New Property Launches

Looking at new properties to invest in? Get first access to new property developments and launches in Singapore right here. Committed to bringing you quality, unbiased and latest reviews on new property launches, we are your trusted provider in the market. Whether you are looking for new condo launches or cluster housing developments, we have scoured the property market to bring you all there is to keep an eye on!

New Property Developments and Condos for Sale in Singapore

With a growing number of new property developments in Singapore, the market has become competitive and saturated with information regarding new launches and properties on sale. Whether you are a home buyer or investor, our reviews of new and existing property launches in Singapore are reliably communicated to you. From the latest condo complexes for sale in Singapore to the most in-demand regions to pay attention to next, we can provide the information you need to make an informed buyer or investment decision.

Why Choose New Launches When Viewing New Condo Launches in Singapore? 

With a large bump of new condo launches set to unveil in 2022, get a comprehensive overview of the amenities located close to the new condo development you have your eye on. New Launches offers potential buyers a range of new launch condo choices that suit their preferences, lifestyles and needs. Choosing to buy with New Launches gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Skilled and experienced real estate agents: Our friendly, well-informed real estate agents will carefully select a list of new condos for sale in Singapore based on your location preferences, needs and lifestyle. We also provide you with a list of perks of living in a certain neighbourhood, assess its accessibility for you and highlight its unique characteristics. We help you shortlist the ideal home for you. 
  • Guided through the full process: Buying a house can be stressful without the right assistance, but our team takes the stress out of the process and ensures you are guided through – from viewing to negotiating to making an offer to finally purchasing. 
  • Access the newest condos: Apart from new property and condo developments, we also feature a new condo that goes on sale every now and then.

Find your perfect home with New Launches today. Questions? Fill in your details in our contact form here so that we can get to your queries! For the latest in property news, explore our guides and blogs available here. View New Launches Review’s full condo listings.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Property Launches in Singapore

1. Where can I buy new launch condos?

New Launches has a range of condo property choices all over Singapore. Choose from condos located in the east region, west region, north east region and north region of Singapore. While Singapore’s core central region, comprising of Orchard enclave and the Central Business District, is appealing mainly because of its prime location, the city’s fringe districts such as Queenstown, Farrer Park, and Toa Payoh each have their unique charm and set of amenities that also make them great neighbourhoods to live in.

2. Why invest in a new launch condo in Singapore? 

In contrast to other investment assets, real estate investments usually appreciate over time. The capital appreciations tend to be higher in those properties that are closer to the city core. With the growth of the economies and cities, the demand for commercial and residential spaces will increase and thus result in rising prices in the Singapore property market over time. 

Even though there was a dip recently in the prices of Singapore properties, Morgan Stanley, a global bank, predicts that the prices of Singapore properties will double by the year 2030. Prime new condo developments and properties bought today can sell for higher prices by 2030, given the country’s rapid economic growth.

3. What are some factors I should consider when buying new launch condos?

When investing in new Singapore property, the location of the property can be a make-or-break factor. A property in a prime location can mean more potential tenants, better rental income as well as better yields. These properties that are situated within or close to the centre of the city will appeal to both those working in the city and also many foreigners who like to rent private property if they stay here for the long term. 

For those considering investing in a property to generate income from renting, it is worth noting that Singapore properties situated in the vibrant districts that are near to or in the city core, such as Tanjong Pagar, will be able to generate better and attractive rental yield which provide a passive stream of income on top of their salary.

Potential real estate investors should also be concerned about the rent levels and rentability rather than placing their hopes on capital gains that are more uncertain. One effective tactic is considering acquiring residential properties that are transit-linked integrated developments. These mix-use developments – where residential and commercial components are integrated into the same development – are becoming increasingly popular. These developments also transform the way people work, play and live, particularly in the Central Business District of Singapore. Some of these mix-use developments include Marina One Residences, Midtown Bay as well as South Beach Residences.

4. Can PRS buy a new launch condo in Singapore? 

Yes, PRs can buy a new launch condo in Singapore. But they can only purchase a new Executive Condo (EC) if their spouse is a Singapore citizen. 

5. How can I go about choosing a new condo in Singapore? 

Property investment can be time-consuming and expensive, but with the correct strategy and mindset, you will reap good returns. So when thinking of acquiring real estate, it is important to give some deeper thought before taking the step of investing in properties in Singapore. By equipping yourself with adequate knowledge, you will simplify the process. One of the ways to acquire this knowledge will be to constantly keep up with the latest property news.

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