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The Vales EC @ Anchorvale Street

The Vales EC is an Executive Condominium in the North East Region of Singapore and is located along Sengkang East Road. With a total site area of approximately 175,236 square feet, The Vales EC lies in the junction bounded by Sengkang East Road, Anchorvale Street and Anchorvale Crescent. This 99 years leasehold residential development is just right in front of Cheng Lim LRT Station. Upon completion, The Vales EC will have a total estimated of 517 residential units.

The Cheng Lim LRT station which is just right in front of The Vales EC will provide its future residents with transit services seamlessly linked to the Sengkang North East Line Station and Bus Interchange at Sengkang Town Centre. This integrated public transport system provides The Vales EC’s future residents fast and convenient travel to Downtown Singapore and to the rest of the island. The nearby TPE offers The Vales EC’s residents a conduit of convenience to driving to parts of Singapore. It also make possible for The Vales EC’s residents to drive to Orchard Road and the Shenton Way in approximately 16 minutes.

The Sengkang Town Centre, where Compass Point is located, provides The Vales EC’s residents of getting their dining, shopping and entertainment needs without having to travel far from their home. For alternatives, The Vales EC’s residents can also go to the nearby Rivervale Mall, Rivervale Plaza and Fernvale Point. When it comes to cheap and yummy local food, The Vales EC’s future residents just need to take short walk to Kopitiam Square which is located just next to Compass Point. It is the 1st modern market and food centre located in Sengkang. This wet market cum food centre offers not just economical and delicious local delights but also fresh market products to Sengkang residents. The Vales EC’s future residents will have no problem getting food in the middle of the night as the food centre operate 24 hours round the clock. Its future residents can do some late night marketing too as the wet market opens till 9 pm which caters to modern working adults.

For parents living at The Vales EC, their child’s education needs are least to worry as there are numerous established education facilities surrounding The Vales EC. Schools that are within a short radius include, Compassvale Primary School, Springdale Primary School, Nan Chiau Primary School, Punggol Green Primary School, Anchor Green Primary School, Seng Kang Primary School, Rivervale Primary School, North Spring Primary School, Palm View Primary School, North Vista Primary School, Mee Toh School, Edgefield Primary School, Punggol View Primary School, Compassvale Secondary School, Nan Chiau High School, Edgefield Secondary School, CHIJ Saint Joseph’s Convent, Seng Kang Secondary School, Punggol Secondary School and Greendale Secondary School.

In terms of recreation and relaxation, The Vales EC is near to Sengkang Sculpture Park and Sengkang Riverside Park which offering pockets of greenery, promenade, cycling track water sports and various outdoor activities for The Vales EC’s future residents enjoyment. Future residents can also experience tranquility in the parks. The Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre, that is next to Sungei Punggol, host many sporting facilities which The Vales EC’s residents can make use of. There is also a community centre right in Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre which organized many lifestyle and recreation activities and events which The Vales EC’s residents can participate in.

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The Vales EC Location Map

The Vales EC Site Plan and Facilities

The Vales EC Site Plan

Amenities Near The Vales EC and Their Approximate Distances

Train Stations
Cheng Lim LRT (SW1) – 0.1km
Sengkang (NE16) – 0.6km

Bus Stop
Blk 261 (Bus: 43, 83, 109, 119) – 0.2km
Opp Blk 261 (Bus: 43, 83, 109, 119) – 0.2km

Prime (Compassvale 263) – 0.3km
Cold Storage (Compass Point) – 0.5km
Fairprice (Rivervale Mall) – 1.3km
Giant (266 Compass Bow) – 1.7km

Shopping Malls
Compass Point – 0.5km
Rivervale Mall – 1.3km
Rivervale Plaza – 1.5km
Fernvale Point – 2.0km

PCF Punggol Central Blk 262A – 0.2km
PCF Punggol Central Blk 292B – 0.5km
Sengkang Methodist Children Centre – 1.0km
Mahad Al-Nasry @ Sengkang Kindergarten – 1.0km
St. Anne’s Church Kindergarten – 1.0km
PCF Punggol Central Blk 231-232 – 1.1km
PCF Punggol Central Blk 206A-206D – 1.1km
PCF Punggol North Blk 105D – 1.3km
PCF Punggol East Blk 124A-124 – 1.3km
PCF Punggol West Blk 303A – 1.5km

Primary School
Compassvale Primary School – 0.5km
Springdale Primary School – 0.5km
Nan Chiau Primary School – 0.6km
Punggol Green Primary School – 0.8km
Anchor Green Primary School – 1.0km
Seng Kang Primary School – 1.0km
Rivervale Primary School – 1.2km
North Spring Primary School – 1.4km
Palm View Primary School – 1.4km
North Vista Primary School – 1.5km
Mee Toh School – 1.6km
Edgefield Primary School – 1.6km
Punggol View Primary School – 1.6km

Secondary School
Compassvale Secondary School – 0.7km
Nan Chiau High School – 0.9km
Edgefield Secondary School – 1.1km
CHIJ Saint Joseph’s Convent – 1.1km
Seng Kang Secondary School – 1.2km
Punggol Secondary School – 1.8km
Greendale Secondary School – 2.0km

Junior College
Serangoon Junior College – 3.6km

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) – 5.4km

International School
Chatsworth Kindergarten – 3.0km

Food Centre
Kopitiam Square – 0.5km
Punggol Food Centre (U/C) – 1.5km

Sengkang Sculpture Park – 0.4km
Sengkang Riverside Park – 0.7km
Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre – 0.8km

Highlights of The Vales EC

1. Convenience – The Vales EC is located just next to Cheng Lim LRT Station.

2. Well Connected – The Vales EC is near to the TPE which makes driving a breeze.

3. Good for Family Living – The Vales EC is close to many established education facilities.

4. Sought After District – The Vales EC is located in district 19, one of suburban district that is in higher demand.

5. Lots of Recreations – The Vales EC is close to Sengkang Riverside Park which has many outdoor recreation activities.

The Vales EC Factsheet

The Vales EC Summary

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