Midwood @ Hillview Rise

Midwood is an upcoming residential project that is located at Hillview Rise, West Region of Singapore. Its site is next to The Hillier/V2, an integrated development that comprises of residential units and commercial retail shops below. Midwood is also opposite of the upcoming Kingsford Hillview Peak, another residential development. Midwood is also behind Hillview Camp which hosts the Ministry of Defence of Singapore. Midwood’s site was introduced in July 2017 as part of the sites that was released for Government Land Sales Program for 2nd half of 2017.

Midwood has a total site area of approximately 14,296.1 square metres with a plot ratio 2.8. The development is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Upon completion, this 99 years leasehold development will have an estimated total of 564 residential units. The development will have a total of 2 towers of residential flats which are at 29 storeys high and 1 block of multi-storey carpark which is 6 levels high. The unit configurations available at Midwood include 116 units of 1 bedroom type which are sized at 45 and 46 square metres, 56 units of 1 bedroom plus study type which are sized at 51 square metres, 56 units of 2  bedroom 1 bathroom type which are sized at 59 square metres, 114 units of 2 bedroom 2 bedroom type which are sized at 64 anf 65 square metres, 54 units of 2 bedroom plus study type which are sized at 72 and 73 square metres, 54 units of 3 bedroom type which are sized at 83 and 84 square metres, 56 units of 3 bedroom plus utility room type which are sized at 92 sqmare metres and 58 units of 4 bedroom plus utility room type which are sized at 116 and 117 square metres.

The facilities available at this development include Clubhouse, Function Rooms, Reading Lounge, Poolside Lounge Deck, Leisure Pool, Pool Deck, Lounge Deck, Outdoor Shower, Changing Rooms, Steam Room, Cascading Water Wall, Hydrotherapy pool, Spa Suite with Jacuzzi, Yoga Lawn, Community Lawn, Community Corner, Gardenia courtyard, Crepe Myrtle Courtyard, Picnic Pavilion with BBQ Pit, Picnic Lawn, Tennis Court, Bauhinia Walk, Hammock Enclave, Arrival Court, Guard House, Childcare Centre, Outdoor Fitness Corner, Private Dining Pavilion with BBQ Pit,50m Lap Pool, Sun Bathing Deck, Gym, Palm Court, Kid’s Pool with Aqua Play Equipment, Children’s Playground, Gourmet Pavilion with BBQ Pit, Party Deck, Wine and Dine Pavilion with BBQ Pit and Stargazing Deck. The development also house a childcare centre.

The development has a total of 581 carpark lots which 12 of the lots are for the childcare centre, while the residents are provisioned to 1 carpark lot per unit. The development also has a total of 94 bicycle lots.

Other developments that are located within Midwood’s vicinity include Hillview Park, The Skywoods, The Dairy Farm, Glendale Park, Hillview Heights, Hillington Green, Summerhill, Chantilly Rise, Hillvista, Hillbrooks, Parc Palais, Symphony Heights, Hume Park and Hillview Green.

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The Hillview Rise that is situated at the Hillview Avenue that is close to The Midwood has always been one of the most coveted residential estates on the island. This enclave is highly sought after place to living as the area is situated close to the Bukit Timah and also the Bukit Batok precincts where abudance of greeneries and nature are available for their residents to unwind and relax. Singapore has always been high densely population and its environment is fast pacing. The Hillview Rise and the Hillview Avenue offers the ideal place for the residents for unwinding after a hectic day at work which is accompanied by Mother Nature and also breaths of fresh air every single day in the neighbourhood.

The Hillview Avenue precinct is also home to numerous amenities that reside in this premium neighboruhood. The HillV2 Shopping Mall, being the first and foremost, combines the conveniences like the supermarket to the trendy pubs for those affluent personnel to have gatherings after their work. The Hillview Avenue estate hence offers the ideal area as this will mean that residents will not have to go far to head for groceries and drinks. A touch of the nation’s history is also presented in the Hillview Avenue as the former railway to Malaysia and also other national monuments are positioned near to this area.

The HillV2 Shopping Mall is situated very close to the MRT Station and is nestled in the serene estate of the Hillview Rise. This shopping mall will serve as the primary shopping mall for those residents staying in the Hillview estate and provides an upscale shopping experience for those residents that live around this area. HillV2 Shopping Mall offers the exclusive experience for dining and also grocery shopping that is combined to 2 storeys of retail podium. The shopping mall also house fashion outlets as well as exclusive pubs.

The shopping mall also house a fitness gym and also beauty salons for residents living here to relax and unwind after a day at work. The fitness centre and the spas in this shopping mall complete the one stop retail experience that is located in the core of the Hillview estate. Hillv2 Shopping Mall can be easily accessed through the Bukit Timah Road and also the MRT Station. It is situated close to most of the new private residential developments in this vicinity.

The Rail Mall is an iconic and signature shopping mall which is situated in the Hillview estate that is close to the Hillview Rise and the Hillview Avenue. This shopping mall is a combination of elegance that meet the touch of the classy contemporary setting that comprises of signature eateries and pubs as well as fine dining for those residents that live in the Hillview estate. The Rail Mall can be easily accessed by the MRT Station and also the Upper Bukit Timah Road. Another point to add is that the carpark lots here is completely free which makes this shopping mall to be one of places that is more convenient for the residents of Hillview estate as well as The Midwood condo to catch up with their friends.

There are plenty of anchor tenants in this Rail Mall which position it as one of the ideal destinations for residents to get their daily essential as well as dining needs. The anchor tenants here include supermarket chain, Cold Storage, fast food joint Subway and also coffee joint Cedele Bakery. This shopping mall often hold promotions which will be beneficial to the resident living in the Hillview estate like 1 for 1 at the Coffee Bean and also other discounts at the other F&B outlets here at the mall.

The Bukit Timah Natural Reserve is the country’s signature and iconic location for wildlife conservatory. This nature reserve is the ideal destination for a getaway for the residents and their loved ones in the weekends. The Bukit Timah Natural Reserve is also a perfect location for nature lovers that are seeking for a spot for outdoor exercise or just simply for a leisure stroll down to the many hiking trails that encompass the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve. Once hikers reach the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve’s visitor centre, they will be welcomed by the numerous species of birds as well as plants and flowers that make this nature reserve one of the best ideal places for the residents to have a recreation getaway with their friends and their love ones.

For those hiking enthusiast, the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve is also a favourite spot for them as it offers various levels of hiking trails offering them challenges. Some of these hiking trails can go up to the height of 163 metres for those hikers that are more experienced. There are also leisure stroll trails for entry level beginners that are just beginning to start their healthy lifestyles. The Bukit Timah Natural Reserve also have cycling trails that cater for nature lovers who will prefer to exercise and explore via their bicycles which make this location an ideal place to have some healthy workouts. One of the main features of this nature reserve will be the Eco-Link that helps the wildlife to cross over the expressway without help to endanger themselves and also the Treetop Walk trail that connects to the MacRitchie Reservoir.

The Midwood condo is nestled in the premium residential enclaves of the Hillview and the Bukit Timah estates which a lot of affluent individuals have make them as their homes. These affluent individuals are always seeking for places to socializing as well as enlarging their social circles after work. Hence they will be searching for recreation amenities that come with a wide array of facilities for their social networking and also gatherings. In particularly, those country clubs that offer good amenities will offer them the best choice to have their gathering over good meals, games of golf or just chilling out at the many dining options and cafes available at these country clubs. Some of these country clubs that are short distances away from The Midwood include the Singapore Swiss Clube, the Hollandse Club, the Singapore Island Country Clube, the British Club, the Temasek Club, and also the Warren Golf Country Club. These clubs can be easily accessed via the nearby expressway and also the Bukit Timah Road as well as the Upper Bukit Timah Road.

The Midwood offers a haven for the senses which residents will be expecting unforgettable ambience every moment they arrive home. This development is the ideal getaway for urbanites that yearn for tranquility and privacy but do not want to compromise on the conveniences. With its stylishness and coziness, residents of the Midwood will retreat into the realm of the modest elegance. This development will be the inner sanctum which offers its residents with expansive living space to be able to unwind in luxury that is contained by stunning views. A well-appointed layout design that accommodates the expansive interior spaces that are well-equipped with designer furnishing and fittings which also provisioned with smart home system that makes managing living to security conveniences effortlessly.

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About the Developer
The Hong Leong Group is a global organization that is headquartered in Singapore. As a multi-national corporation, the company has presences in the North America, the Middle East as well as Singapore. The company is one the main property developer in the country. Till date, the company is one of the biggest in Singapore which has more than $40 billion of gross accumulated assets. The corporation has ownerships in residential, retail and industrial spaces for their day to day business activities.

Back in the early 1960, the company had recognized this potential of real estate development even before beginning of the government’s real estate plans. Upon identifying this opportunity, the company went on to buy shares from the City Development Ltd which then was making losses. It was later transformed to become one of the property giants today. The group currently also has ownership in over 8 million square feet of office spaces that are lettable.

The Group also has numerous branches that operate under it in various countries. The Hong Leong Asia Ltd has its initial starting as a building material supplier. This arm initial based in the People’s Republic of China and has since expanded to other markets which most of them are in overseas. Today, other the building material supplying, the arm has expanded their range of businesses to manufacturing, distribution of diesel engines, distribution and manufacturing of air-con systems and manufacturing of industrial packing products.For any further details about this development Contact Us or Send Email To Us.

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Midwood Location Map

Midwood Site Plan and Facilities

Midwood Site Plan

Amenities Near Midwood and Their Approximate Distances

Train Stations
Hillview (DT3) – 0.4km

Bus Stop
Opp Glendale Pk Condo (Bus: 177) – 0.2km
Bef Glendale Pk Condo (Bus: 177) – 0.2km

Cold Storage (Hill V2) – 0.1km
Fairprice (Bukit Panjang Plaza) – 1.9km
Giant (Ten Mile Junction) – 2.0km

Shopping Malls
HillV2 – 0.1km
The Rail Mall – 0.7km
Hillion Mall – 1.7km
Bukit Panjang Plaza – 1.9km

Bukit Panjang Methodist Church Kindergarten – 0.5km
White Lodge Kindergarten (Upper Bukit Timah) – 0.7km
St. Joseph’s Church Kindergarten – 0.7km
Ar – Raudhah Mosque Kindergarten – 1.6km

Primary School
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace – 0.6km
Bukit Panjang Primary School – 1.3km
Lianhua Primary School – 1.5km
Saint Anthony’s Primary School – 1.6km
Dazhong Primary School – 1.8km
Zhenghua Primary School – 1.9km

Secondary School
Assumption English School – 0.7km
Fajar Secondary School – 1.3km
Swiss Cottage Secondary School – 1.5km
Hillgrove Secondary School – 1.7km

Junior College
Pioneer Junior College – 2.7km

Ngee Ann Polytechnic – 3.6km

International School
German European School Singapore (Junior School Campus) – 1.9km

Food Centre
Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market – 1.9km

Bukit Batok Town Park (Little Guilin) – 1.0km
Dairy Farm Nature Park – 1.3km
Bukit Gombak Stadium – 1.3km
Bukit Batok Nature Park – 1.6km
HomeTeamNS @ Bukit Batok – 1.6km
Bukit Batok Golf Range – 1.8km

Highlights of Midwood

Transport Network
Midwood is approximately 400 m away from Hillview MRT Station. Future residents of Midwood will just need to take approximately 5-7 minutes’ walk to the station. Hillview MRT is operating the Downtown Line. This MRT Line can bring future residents of Midwood directly to the Downtown Financial district without having the hassle to transit to another MRT Line.

Future Residents of Midwood just need to head down 5 MRT Stations to reach Botanic Gardens MRT Interchange Station where they will be able to transit to the Circle Line. The Stevens MRT Station which is 6 stations away will be operating the upcoming Thomson East Coast Line. It is scheduled to start operating the line in 2021. The Newton MRT Interchange Station which is 7 stations away also operates the MRT North South Line. These stations provide very comprehensive MRT network for the future residents of Midwood.

For drivers, it will take them approximately 25 minutes’ of driving from Midwood to the Central Business District (CBD) while driving to Orchard Shopping District will take them approximately 20 minutes. The nearby Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) also provide driver conduit of conveniences when driving to and fro parts of the island.

In terms of shopping and dining facilities, future residents of Midwood just need to get to next door Hill V2 where numerous shops and F&B outlets are. There is also a supermarket located in the shopping mall which future residents can get their daily necessities, groceries and fresh produce from. Other shopping alternatives include The Rail Mall, Hillion Mall – an integrated development that comprises of residential and commercial development located at Bukit Panjang MRT Station and also Bukit Panjang Plaza. Midwood is also just a short drive away from Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market where many fresh market produce and yummy local food can be found.

Some of the schools nearby Midwood include CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, Bukit Panjang Primary School, Lianhua Primary School, Saint Anthony’s Primary School, Dazhong Primary School, Zhenghua Primary School, Assumption English School, Fajar Secondary School, Swiss Cottage Secondary School and Hillgrove Secondary School. Midwood is also near to German European School Singapore (Junior School Campus).

To summarize,

  1. Location – It is close to Hillview MRT Station
  2. Convenience – It is walking distance to amenities
  3. Rental Potential – The nearness to MRT station and next to amenities makes it attractive to tenants.
  4. Serenity – It is nestled in the quiet private residential enclave.
  5. Prestigious – It is located in the prime residential district.

Midwood Factsheet

Midwood Factsheet

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