Progressive Payment Calculator

The progressive payment schedule is payment scheme for those properties that are in the midst of the building process. The progressive payment schedule denotes the monthly installments with every payment done when a particular building stage of the property is completed. Fill in the information in the below calculator to view the breakdown of the progressive payment at each stage.

Purchase Price ($) *
Loan Term (Years) *
{{ loan_terms }} Years
Desired Loan Amount (%)*
{{ loan_percentage }}%
Interest Rate (%)*
Nationality *
Properties Currently Own *
No. of Outstanding Housing Loan *
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Loan Amount{{ loan_amount | currency }}
Note: You can loan {{ can_loan_percentage }}% of the purchase price based on your current situation.
Initial Payment
Option to Purchase (5%){{ option_to_purchase | currency }} Cash
Sale and Purchase (15%){{ sale_and_purchase | currency }} Cash/CPF
Buyer's Stamp Duty{{ bsd |currency }} Cash/CPF
Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty{{ absd |currency }} Cash/CPF
Legal Fee (Estimated){{ legal_fee | currency }} Cash/CPF
Total Initial Payment{{ total_initial_payment | currency }}
Subsequent payment after each stage
Estimated TimelineStagesCash/CPF PaymentMonthly Installments
After 9 monthsFoundation (10%){{ cpf_1 | currency }}{{ mi_1 | currency({fractionCount: 2}) }} (9 months)
After 1 year 3 monthsUnit Concrete Framework (10%){{ cpf_2 | currency }}{{ mi_2 | currency({fractionCount: 2}) }} (6 months)
After 1 year 6 monthsBrick Walls (5%){{ cpf_3 | currency }}{{ mi_3 | currency({fractionCount: 2}) }} (3 months)
After 1 year 9 monthsCeiling/Roofing (5 %){{ cpf_4 | currency }}{{ mi_4 | currency({fractionCount: 2}) }} (3 months)
After 2 yearsDoor/Window/Plumbing/Wiring (5%){{ cpf_5 | currency }}{{ mi_5 | currency({fractionCount: 2}) }} (3 months)
After 2 years 3 monthsCarparks/Roads/Drains (5%){{ cpf_6 | currency }}{{ mi_6 | currency({fractionCount: 2}) }} (3 months)
After 2 years 6 monthsTOP (25%){{ cpf_7 | currency }}{{ mi_7 | currency({fractionCount: 2}) }} (3 months)
After 3 years 6 monthsCert. of Completion (15%){{ cpf_8 | currency }}{{ mi_8 | currency({fractionCount: 2}) }} ({{ loan_terms - 3 }} years)


  • You are encouraged to the check the latest interest rate for housing loan here before using our Progressive Payment Calculator.
  • If you are Nationals and Permanent Residents of Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland or Nationals of the United States of America, please select “Singaporean” under “Nationality”.
  • The timeline for each construction stage is just estimations. For stage 1 to 6 each stage is between 3 to 12 months depending on the size of the development, time of booking as well as the individual unit purchased.
  • The monthly installments will increase with the completion on each stage of the construction. Purchaser might not need to service the full loan amount immediately.
  • The monthly installment can be serviced by the funds via the CPF Ordinary Accounts (OA), cash or a mixture of both.
  • You are encouarged to consult any financial institution of your choice for further advice before making any commitment.
  • Disclaimer: The above computation is just an indicative and for illustrative purposes only.  Anybody who act upon or in according to the above information does so totally at his/her own risk. There is no warranty whatsoever is given and no liability will be accepted by us behind this calculator for any loss that arises directly or indirectly as a result of any action and omission made in reliance of any information presented herein at any time. 
  • If you find out any error in our Progressive Payment Calculator, please contact us to notify about the error. 

Progressive Payment Calculator

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