Kassia Condo @ Flora Drive

Kassia Condo is an upcoming mid-rise private residential project that is situated in the comfy private residential estate of Flora Drive, East Region of the island. It is close to Changi International Airport and is totally bounded by private residential developments and low-rise landed home enclaves in a sanctuary of seclusions and calmness. The development is priced superbly alluring which will attract many home buyers and investors alike looking for low risk housing to be added to their portfolios. Though the location is not close to local amenities like education facilities, retail malls, leisure facilities and MRT stations, what compromises for its unencumbered conveniences it that this estate offers an environment that is uncluttered and of serenity. This will attract home buyers who are attracted to exclusivity that is far away of the hustle and bustle that are located in most areas of Singapore.  Regardless, Kassia Condo is still accessible. Within 5 minutes of walking will be the locality of 2 bus stops that offer bus services that bring future residents to Changi International Airport, Pasir Ris Town Park, Downtown East, Changi Business Park, Loyang Point and Changi City Point.

Kassia Condo will be the latest addition to the portfolio of private residential development that is constructed by the Hong Leong Group along Flora Drive. The names of the line of projects come from a tradition of charm from plants to flowers. These projects include The Jovell , The Inflora, Hedges Park, The Gale, Ferraria, Edelweiss Park, Dahlia Park, Carissa Park, Ballota Park as well a Azalea being the first private residential project to be developed. The Inflora which was launched approximately a decade back took just 3 weeks to be completely sold out. The preview day of the project already saw a take-up rate of 90%.

Kassia Condo’s floor plans are designed in a extremely well-thought manner through, being one of the better ones in the recent new launched. The layout is efficient and well spread with very less wastage spaces. They are attentive to even the minimal details which have practical layouts and nice features. This private residential development is also developed by top leading real estate companies that are well trusted and reputable whom are City Development Ltd and the Hong Leong Group. These 2 property giants are best known for their beautiful designs and quality workmanship that can endure the test in terms of time.

The Kassia Condo, like Hong Leong and City Development Ltd’s previous private residential project, is almost totally bounded by the rest of the private residential developments in the Flora Road enclave. Other than its access driveway, the development has no other frontage that is facing the road. For home buyers who want to avoid completely the noise from the road or traffic, then this development will be one of the alluring factors for them. The benefit of being in the centre of the rest of the private residential developments is that the units will be enveloped by the gardens and landscaping of the other developments, in addition to Kassia Condo’s own one. And since the plot ratio in this estate is zoned as 1.4, which is not like other estates with 2.1 or higher plot ratio, residents here will not fell too claustrophobic or congested, as the entire estate will house the most mid-rise private residential developments.

On the surface, it might seem that the rental demand might be weak as it will not appeal to tenants that do not own private transport. A deeper insight into the numbers reveal that the rental return for developments in this estate has a quite decent yield clocking average of 3.4%. The rental demand is likely due to the nearby industrial and business parks.

These nearby commercial, industrial and education hubs include the Changi Business Park, the Tampines Region Centre, the Singapore Expo, the Changi Industrial Park, the Airport Logistic Park, the Singapore University of Technology and Design as well as The Changi Airport being the biggest commercial and employment centre in the Eastern region of the island. Every airport terminal at the airport yields approximately 15,000 employments in inflight, retail, operation and maintenance crews. With the completion of the new Terminal 5 in the future, it will increase more than 10,000 employment opportunities. The current Paya Lebar Air Force Base is also scheduled to be shifting to Changi Airport on and after 2030. With these upcoming developments, they should increase demand for the nearby residential units.

About the Developer

The Hong Leong Group is a leading conglomerate in Asia that is one of the most successful and largest ones. With it headquarter based in Singapore, this company is highly diversified internationally. The company has gross assets that are more than S$40 billion in value. The company has more than 20,000 employees in the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. The 4 core business segments of the group include trade and industrial, financial services, hospitality as well as real estate development.

Since the company’s establishment in 1980, the group’s foundation has been adapting its philosophy to give back to society. This belief has been passed down from its late founder who believed in the sharing of success. Today, this belief is still the main driving factor in Hong Leong Group’s philanthropic initiatives.  Hong Leong’s foundation is committed to further philanthropic initiatives such as sports, education, and arts.

Since 1998, the group’s trade and industrial division has gone public on the Stock Exchange od Singapore. This division is a diversified multinational in Asia with main business activities in transport and construction. The division works diligently with its clients to create and deliver sustainable and innovative solutions for the future metropolitans. This member of Hong Leong is a conglomerate that is based in Singapore and one of Asia’s most successful and largest companies.

The financial services arm is listed and one of the biggest financial companies in Singapore. The division has been offering finance services to its clients for over 5 decades. It started providing finance aid to small businesses locally and has been keeping its commitments to serve its individual and corporate clients including a financing solution suite that is customer centric.

The group hospitality division is the largest hospitality group in Singapore operating more than 160 hotels that total to about 45,000 hotel rooms that operate in over 20 countries. Hong Leong is on top tier in the league for leading hospitality countries in Asia and the biggest hospitality corporate that is Asian controlled outside People’s Republic of China.

Hong Leong has established itself being a major innovative real estate developer in Singapore. Via City Developments Ltd (which is listed in the mainboard of Singapore Stock Exchange) and Hong Leong Hlgs, the group has Singapore’s largest land bank other than the government. The group is positioned also as one of the leading commercial landlords and biggest real estate residential firms in the main financial district of Singapore.

The real estate division began its main pushing into the real estate development segment back in the late 1960s after consolidating many of the company’s real estate investments and interest. The company acquired a major share in the City Development Ltd and overturn the company from making losses to profitability which transformed it into a real estate behemoth and also gone public on the Stock Exchange of Singapore.

Being a leading landowner and commercial landlord in the highly competitive property segment of Singapore, the company has ownership in lettable residential, retail, industrial and office space that amounted to more than 8,000,000 square feet collectively. The company is Singapore’s biggest residential developing company in Singapore as well. In 2013, it constructed almost 1 new private housing out of every 5.

The company has constructed numerous iconic developments on the skyline of Singapore for the last 50 years. It has been ranked as a leader in the real estate development market with over 100 mixed-use and premium commercial developments and more than 130 excellent residential developments.

The City Development Ltd is a frontrunning leader in the real estate segment of Singapore since its establishment in 1963. Fast forward till today, it is a listed global hospitality and real estate conglomerate with businesses in facilities management, hotel management and ownership, property investment and development and solutions in the hospitality sector. The group’s vast network comprises of over 300 associated firms and subsidiaries under its arms which inclusive of 7 listed companies on the stock exchanges of the Philippines, London, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

The Hong Leong Hlgs Ltd was formed in 1968 as Hong Leong’s real estate holding and real estate investment arm that is privately held. It has delivered almost 100 private residential projects and also has been managing almost 10 commercial properties. For any further details and information Contact Us or Send Email To Us.

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Kassia Location Map

Kassia Condo Site Plan and Facilities

Kassia Site Plan

Amenities Near Kassia Condo and Their Approximate Distances

Train Stations
Tampines East MRT (DT33) – 1.2km

Bus Stop
Opp Farraria Park Condo (Bus: G38) – 0.1km

Giant (Tampines Mart) – 0.8km
Sheng Siong (Loyang Point) – 1.0km
Fairprice (475 Tampines) – 1.4km
Cold Storage (Tampines 1) – 2.3km

Shopping Malls
Tampines Mart – 0.8km
Loyang Point – 1.0km

Creative Twinkles Preschool – 0.5km
Al – Amin Pre-School – 0.8km
Josiah Montessori Kindergarten – 0.8km
Hanis Montessori Kindergarten (Tampines) – 0.9km
Prodigy Preschool – 0.9km
Brainy Bunch International Montessori (Pasir Ris) – 0.9km
MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines – 1.2km
Bethesda (Pasir Ris) Kindergarten – 1.2km
Bethesda (Pasir Ris) Kindergarten – 1.2km

Primary School
White Sands Primary School – 1.0km
Pasir Ris Primary School – 1.6km
Chongzheng Primary School – 1.7km
Yumin Primary School – 1.8km
Angsana Primary School – 1.8km
Gongshang Primary School – 1.8km
Loyang Primary School – 1.8km
Tampines North Primary School – 1.9km

Secondary School
East Spring Secondary School – 0.6km
Ngee Ann Secondary School – 1.0km
Loyang Secondary School – 1.3km
Greenview Secondary School – 1.3km
East View Secondary School – 1.8km
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School – 1.8km
Pasir Ris Secondary School – 1.9km

Junior College
Tampines Junior College – 1.0km

Singapore University of Technology and Design – 1.9km

International School
The Japanese Primary School – 0.5km
One World International School – 1.8km

Food Centre
Pasir Ris Hawker Centre – 2.4km

SIA Group Sports Club – 1.4km

Highlights of Kassia Condo

Transport Network
Kassia Condo is not close to any existing or upcoming MRT station. The nearest MRT station to the development will be the Tampines East MRT Station. The MRT station in terms of linear distance will be approximately 1.2 km away. If to walk by road to the MRT station, the distance will be approximately 1.8km which will be around 26 minutes of walking. As the walk is unsheltered and quite long, it will be advisable for future residents of Kassia Condo to make use of the bus services that are available near to the development to travel to the Tampines East MRT Station. The bus stops will be approximately 5 minutes’ walk from the development which is located on the main road. There is bus service 21 which will take approximately 28 minutes to reach the station.

Another alternative for future residents will be the Upper Changi MRT Station that is approximately 2.1km away. They could hop on to either bus service 2 or 5. The commuting time to get to this MRT station will be approximately 30 minutes. Both the Tampines East MRT Station and the Upper Changi MRT Station will be operating the MRT Downtown Line. If ever traveling on the MRT East West Line is more preferable to their destination, future residents of Kassia Condo will need to the Simei MRT Station which is approximately 34 minutes away.

For drivers, the locality of Kassia Condo will be approximately between 5 and 10 minutes of driving to arrive at the Tampines Expressway and the Pan Island Expressway. The East Coast Parkway is also nearby for those working in the Central Business District. The distance to the Central Business District will be approximately 22km and driving to the Central Business District will be approximately 30 minutes during peak hours and 20 minutes for non-peak period.

Kassia Condo is approximately 10 minutes or less driving time from some of the major retail malls and entertainment centres in the east region. Some of them include the Downtown East, the White Sands, the Changi Village, the Changi City Point, the Century Square, the Tampines Mall, the Tampines One, Our Tampines Hub and more. Two of the more notable ones will be the Jewel at Changi as well as the upcoming Pasir Ris 8.

Future residents will be able to discover the way nature and artistry interweave at the Jewel Changi. This world-class retail and leisure destination is designed by globally renowned architects and is home to a plethora of beautiful attractions that infuse human ingenuity and nature. The mall houses the biggest indoor waterfall in the world and also has 2,000 trees. The myriad of facilities for future residents’ exploration will redefine their notions of airports. The mall also has more than 80 Food and Beverage concepts offering a wide variety of local and international cuisines for its visitors to entice their taste buds. The retail mall also has a majestic range of local and globally renowned artisanship. Visitors will be able to do their retail therapies while being bounded by lush greens.

Education facilities within short distance to Kassia Condo include White Sands Primary School, Pasir Ris Primary School, Chongzheng Primary School, Yumin Primary School, Angsana Primary School, Gongshang Primary School, Loyang Primary School, Tampines North Primary School, East Spring Secondary School, Ngee Ann Secondary School, Loyang Secondary School, Greenview Secondary School, East View Secondary School, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, Pasir Ris Secondary School and Tampines Junior College.

Kassia Condo Factsheet

Kassia Site Plan

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