Cluster Housing & Landed

Many people who bought a cluster Housing or landed housing so mainly because they needed more living spaces for themselves  – both indoors as well as outdoors. Majority of the houses in Singapore will usually be smaller than the spaces that one might be used to but generally, one will find there is more to their living spaces. For those who are considering buying cluster housing or landed housing, then they can start to determine which type is the correct property that will suit them best.

Although cluster housing and landed houses might require higher maintenance but they are as well unmatched in terms of their sizes and privacy. Most of these cluster housing and landed have property tenures that are 99 years leasehold, 999 years leasehold as well as freehold. There are different type of cluster housing and landed houses.

Terrace houses are those which belong the part of a row of houses that are joined by a common frontier together. Each of these terrace houses will be a property on its own and will have its own roof and walls.

Semi-Detached house is a type of form in itself but rather it represents a different category of houses and all which follow a set of criteria. For a house to be considered a semi-detached, the house has to be partially joined to one side of any number of other houses. Commonly known of these houses are semi-detached bungalows and corner terrace which is also known as semi-detached terraces.

Detached house is one which is the larger estate even among the landed housings. A detached house is known as bungalow is a standalone unit which does not have any other properties linked to it which adds more exclusivity and privacy.

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